At Adel-Lawrence Associates, we leverage our experience and connections within the technology services industry to connect our clients with candidates who exceed expectations. All services provide access to Adel-Lawrence Associates’ exclusive candidate network, in addition to the strength of their nationwide team of recruiters.
Our Services

    • Because we are only paid for a successful hire, we quickly and intensively utilize all of our resources to find the best possible candidates in the shortest amount of time
    • Utilizes dedicated market research
    • Delivers only candidates we deem a perfect fit

        • Brings professional-level employees for a set period of time for specific projects
        • Frees clients from administrative problems, tax and compensation issues, payroll and unemployment liabilities
        • Provides temporary help across a broad range of skills and occupations
        • Meets needs related to various leave of absence, temporary skills shortages, specific technical expertise or peak load demands

            • Primarily reserved for top-level positions requiring a heightened level of discretion and expediency
            • Retained searches garner an elevated degree of priority
            • Guarantees an agreed-upon number of highly qualified candidates
            • Highest level of screening, with written reports on each candidate submitted
            • One-third of the fee is due upon initial engagement; one-third is due upon provision of candidates; final third is due upon placement

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